In our menu, you can choose among 19 different sauces as well as 6 different kinds of fresh pasta.

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Our pasta is handmade with fresh ingredients. We use only pure virgin oil.

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Recipe suitable for VEGETERIANS

Recipe suitable for VEGANS

Pasta choices

Parmesan + 0,60€

Aglio e olio  6.00€
The simplest famous Italian recipe with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, peperonchino and parsley.

Pomodoro  7.00€
Slow cooked tomato sauce with fresh basil and thyme.

Arrabiata  7.20€
Spicy, red sauce with fresh tomato and peperonchino.

Alfredo  8.00€
Original recipe from Alfredo of Roma with parmesan, heavy cream and parsley.

Caprese  8.50€
Simple but delicate with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, pieces of fresh mozzarella and basil.

Grecia  8.50€
A clearly greek recipe. Rich red sauce with onion, olives, capers and feta cheese.

Amatriciana  8.50€
The recipe of the Amatrice village, red sauce with caramelized bacon and a pinch of peperoncino.

Bolognese  8.50€
Famous pasta ragout with minced meat. Τry our homemade recipe.

Pesto di spinaci 8.50€
Winter variation of Pesto, with spinach, olive oil, garlic, parmesan and pine seed.

Mafioso 9.00€ 
A slightly hot and a bit sweet red sauce with ham, bacon and chorizo (with a bit of heavy cream).

Pollo Rosso  9.50€
A special recipe, with many ingredients giving an outstanding result. Tender chicken fillet, three coloured peppers and almond fillet, combined with safran and a touch of heavy cream.

Carbonara  10.00€
World famous recipe with crispy bacon, heavy cream and egg yolk.

Fiorentina  10.00€
A simple but tasty recipe from Toscane with mushrooms, garlic, heavy cream, parsley and truffle oil.

Quattro formaggi  10.00€
Classic northern Italy recipe with 4 cheeses and white sauce.

Pollo  11.00€
Thin slices of chicken saute deglazed with beer in heavy cream and mushroom sauce, spiced with cardamon.

Gamberi  11.00€
The best shrimp pasta in town! A creative dish with shrimps*, finoccio and dill in white sauce.

Carbonara con Guanciale  12.00€
The authentic italian Carbonara with sauteed guanciale, parmesan and egg yolk.

Inverno  12.00€
Our absolute wintertime recipe. Tender beef accompanied by three coloured peppers, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoe sauce, flavoured with red wine.

Salmone  13.00€
Fresh salmon in pink sauce with the courgette, the onion and the anise balancing in a sweet flavour.


Rissoto Milanese  10.00€
Simple and classic. Creamy texture with parmesan stock, parmesan and safran.

Rissoto ai funghi  13.00€
Impressive flavour from fresh portabello mushrooms, porchini paste and truffle oil.

Bread  0.30€
2 slices of white bread.

Garlic Bread  6.00€
Baked bread with mozzarella, flavoured with butter, garlic, paprica and peperonchino.

Funghi al forno  8.50€
Portabello mushrooms, cooked in the oven, with garlic, balsamic and grape molasses.

Bruschetta (3 pcs.)
Crunchy baked bread with garlic and extra virgin olive oil served hot in three different flavors:
mozzarella and tomatoe  6.00€
mozzarella, prosciutto and fresh rocket  6.50€
variety of cheeses and pear 6.50€ 


Verdure e mela  8.00€ 
Unique salad with lettuce, red and green lola, red and white cabbage, green apple and dressing with olive oil, white balsamic and white grappe molasses.

Rucola  11.00€
Classic Italian salad with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, parmesan flakes and balsamic-honey sauce.

Siciliana  11.00€
The Italian version of "Greek salad" with onion, olives, caper, three color peppers, cherry tomatoes, rusks,  fresh mozzarella cheese and baslamic acid.

Caesar's 12.00€
Green salad with slow cooked bacon, croutons, chicken, parmesan and authentic caesar's sauce.

Quattro stagioni 14.00€
The four seasons in one plate. Rich flavours with rocket as basis, escorted by balsamic dressing, candied walnuts, gorgonzola, pear and prosciutto.


Margherita  ø34cm 8.00€   ø18cm 4.00€ (can be if mozzarella is replaced by vegan cheese)
Classic and favorite with tomatoe sauce and mozzarella.

Bianca Tartufata  ø34cm 11.00€   ø18cm 4.80€
White sauce, porchini paste, bacon, portobello mushrooms and parmesan flakes.

Pollo BBQ  ø34cm 11.00€   ø18cm 4.50€
Barbeque sauce, mozzarella and chicken. 

Pepperone  ø34cm 11.00€   ø18cm 4.70€
Tomatoe sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, pepperone and BBQ sauce.

Verde...  ø34cm 11.00€  ø18cm 4.80€ (can be if mozzarella is replaced by vegan cheese)
Tomatoe and BBQ sauce, mozzarella, thee color peppers, mushroom, courgette and cherry tomatoes.

Caprese  ø34cm 11.00€   ø18cm 4.60€
Tomatoe sauce, mozzarella, ham, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

Prosciutto  ø34cm 11.00€   ø18cm 4.50€
Tomatoe sauce, mozzarella, courgette, rocket and prosciutto.

Special  ø34cm 12.00€   ø18cm 5.00€
Tomatoe sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, peppers, mushrooms and fresh tomatoe.

White (by glass)  4.00€
Red (by glass) 4.00€
Prosecco white (200ml) 6.00€
Sparkling Rose Moscato (187ml) 6.00€

Mythos can 330ml  2.50€
ΕΖΑ 330ml  2.50€
Fix w/o alcohol can 330ml  2.50€
Lyra 330ml  5.60€
White Mountains 330ml  5.90€

Gazoza “Gerani” 250ml  2.00€
Orange “Gerani” 250ml  2.00€
Lemon “Gerani” 250ml  2.00€
Coca Cola 330ml  2.00€
Fanta non Carbonated 330ml  2.00€

Refreshments without sugar
Green Cola 330ml  2.00€
Coke Zero 330ml  2.00€
Juice "Amita Motion" 330ml  2.50€
Lemonade with pink Grapefruit 250ml  2.80€
ICE CRETE TEA Malotira, Grape & Apple 250ml  2.80€

Espresso single  1.80€  double 2.50€
Cappuccino  2.70€
Freddo espresso double  2.50€
Freddo cappuccino  2.70€

Bottled water
Samaria 500ml  0.50€
Sparkling water 330ml  1.80€

Prices include VAT and all legal taxes and municipal fees.

The consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt/invoice).

Certified Food Service Outlet Manager: Maria Vidaki.